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Tên gốc của ebook: Arduino for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Choose, Purchase, and Program an Arduino Board and Create Amazing Projects
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Everything you need to learn Arduino programming, even if you’ve never touched a board before. Do you want to make crazy cool gadgets like fighting robots, weather trackers, fingerprint scanners, and so much more? Are you a beginner or intermediate programmer with basic knowledge and a willingness to learn? Then Arduino was made for you. Arduino boards are microcontrollers that can be cleverly programmed to accomplish a range of helpful tasks and even just make silly gizmos. They are surprisingly simple to learn, so if you’re afraid that your lack of programming knowledge will stop you from using one, think again. In this book, we will be taking you step by step and introducing you to all of the core concepts you need to know to successfully program your first Arduino board.

In addition to learning about the basics of Arduino, you’ll discover:

How to choose an Arduino board
Terminology that is essential to know
The process of connecting an Arduino to your computer
The basics of C programming
How to create a sketch
Where to go to find amazing projects
How to troubleshoot your Arduino

And much, much more!
The world of programming is wide open and accessible, even for a complete beginner. If you’re going to start anywhere, start with Arduino.


Chapter 1: What Is Arduino Programming?
Chapter 2: The Advantages of the Arduino
Chapter 3: Critical Terminology You Must Understand
Chapter 4: Choosing Your First Arduino Board
Chapter 5: Connecting Your Arduino to a Computer
Chapter 6: A Quick Lesson on C Language Programming
Chapter 7: Creating Your First Sketch
Chapter 8: Editing Your Sketch for Different Results
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting Common Issues
Chapter 10: How to Create Complex Sketches
Chapter 11: In-Depth Look at Variables
Chapter 12: In-Depth Look at Logic Statements
Chapter 13: In-Depth Look at Strings
Chapter 14: In-Depth Look at Operators
Chapter 15: In-Depth Look at For Loops
Chapter 16: In-Depth Look at While Loops
Chapter 17: In-Depth Look at Functions
Chapter 18: In-Depth Look at Switch and Break
Chapter 19: Working with API Libraries
Installing API Libraries
Chapter 20: Where to Find More Information