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Tên gốc của ebook: Raspberry Pi 4 Beginners to Pro Guide
Thông tin về ebook này như sau:
The Quick And Easy Way To Learn And Master Everything About The Raspberry Pi 4.

Do you have the Raspberry Pi 4 and looking to discover and master all the tricks, tips, and hidden features embedded in the gadget? Or are you a beginner looking for a guide to enable you to have a grip on all the features of this piece of technology, or perhaps you are not even a tech-savvy guy and wondering how you can maximize the potentials of your Raspberry Pi 4? Or are you that pro who feels he is missing out completely on some of the hidden tracks on the Raspberry Pi 4?

This book is a go-to guide that comprehensively explains everything you need to know about the Raspberry Pi 4 in ways that help you understand faster. It will solve your problem as it is written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand tone that ultimately ensures that you get all the tips and tricks listed.

The book is a step-by-step guide intended to bring you up to speed with your Raspberry Pi 4 and help you get the best from it, thus equipping you with all the necessary tips and tricks needed to maximize its utilization.

The Raspberry Pi 4 user Guide is designed with a standard display of purpose, and so it is written with clarity and brevity in mind. The book is designed to help you optimize the utilization of your Raspberry Pi 4. If you want maximal use of the Raspberry Pi 4, this book is necessary because it is meant to help you get value for your money and trigger efficiency.

Название: Raspberry Pi 4 Beginners to Pro Guide. Your Complete Practical Manual to Mastering the New Raspberry Pi 4 with DIY Projects, Plus Tips, and Tricks